Flying Machine Productions

  • February 16, 2009

    Flying Machine Productions (Original Off-Broadway Producer) FMP is currently represented in London’s West End as associate producers of Carousel, at the Savoy Theatre and as investors in Speed The Plow on Broadway. They served as executive producers for the dada-inspired musical sensation, The Blue Flower, by Jim and Ruth Bauer, presented in New York as part of Prospect Theater’s’08 season and are currently partnering with composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz to bring this innovative piece to audiences around the world. Other projects in development include Virtuosa, by Diane Seymour, about the remarkable child prodigy, pianist and composer, Clara Schumann, who played a pivotal role in the 19th century musical world. Virtuosa was presented as part of the New York Music Theater Festival and is now being directed by Gabe Barre with Laila Robins and Navah Perlman in the dual Clara Schumann roles.

    Andrew Levine is currently the Executive Director for the York Theatre in New York City.  He was also the founding member and current Board President of Body Politic Theater. BPT is a playwright-driven theater company producing work that encourages audiences to engage with the key issues of our time. Past productions include the off-Broadway play, Lemkin’s House, by Catherine Filloux (McGinn-Cazale ’06) with Vital Theatre, a play about Raphael Lemkin and his lifelong crusade to have genocide recognized as an international crime, and The Fulla From America, by Carlyle Brown, a Minnestota-based playwright whose body of work is built around the exploration and examination of race in America.

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