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  • Honors Awarded to Blood Type: RAGU at the United Solo Awards

    From over 122 international one-man shows, Blood Type: RAGU was  honored and recognized for the second consecutive year by the United Solo Awards. Last year for Best Comedic Actor, and this year for Best Comedic Script. The awards presentation celebrates solo performance shows as part of an eight week festival. Also nominated were John Leguizamo, Austin Pendleton, Alan Cummings, Bette Midler & Holland Taylor. Tony Award Nominee Fiona Shaw (Petunia Dursley in the Harry Potter Films) was presented with a Special Award for her outstanding solo performance achievements and for her Broadway performance from this season’s production of “The Testament of Mary”.

  • Staten Island Advance – BTR Performs Staten Island


    STATEN ISLAND, NY — Brooklyn-born actor/writer Frank Ingrasciotta’s one-man show, “Blood Type: RAGU” has played off Broadway and across the country, and in some unusual settings. Last year State Sen. Diane Savino and Assemblyman Matthew Titone sponsored a special performance at the Italian-American Legislators Conference in Albany.

  • Blood Type: RAGU Begins Previews at Capital Repertory Theatre

    Frank Ingrasciotta’s one-man show, Blood Type: Ragu will begin preview performances at Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany, NY as the memorial day weekend brings warm sunny days.  Opening night is Wednesday, June 1, 2011 and the show will run through Sunday June 19, 2011.

  • New York Times Review: Mapping a Family’s Domestic Battleground

    You won’t find “Sopranos”-style macho posturing in Frank Ingrasciotta’s one-man show, “Blood Type: Ragu” (nothing gangster related, really), now at the Actors’ Playhouse. But as someone once said of “The Godfather,” you can certainly smell the spaghetti. A mostly humorous autobiographical narrative peppered with portraits of colorful Sicilian relatives and Brooklyn personalities, “Blood Type: Ragu” is, among other things, an effective depiction of the breakdown of the marriage between Mr. Ingrasciotta’s working-class immigrant parents. But it has a larger mission, one maybe not surprising, yet pleasing and for some perhaps enlightening.

  • Troy Record – Ingrasciotta Writes Himself In


    “For a lot of years, I had these stories about growing up that would make people laugh,” he says. “They were rich and personal. People would tell me I should do it as a comedy piece. But I wanted it to be more than just funny.”  And more than just Italian. As the work developed he came to understand the universality of his experience even in the very specific ethnicity of it. “It’s really about a family, and we all have those. It’s about a family that just happens to be Italian. People of all backgrounds resonate with it.”  Read more…

  • Albany Times Union – “RAGU” Appeals To All Tastes

    “Can I make the obvious but appropriate metaphor that boiling a life’s worth of experiences down into a one-man play is like making sauce,’ the intrepid reporter asks the actor/playwright.  “Oh, yeah,” says Frank Ingrasciotta, author and star of “Blood Type: Ragu,” which comes to Capital Repertory Theatre this week, on its first major stop outside of Manhattan. “In fact, the play starts with a recipe for all the ingredients that make up my life.”  Read more…

  • Albany Times Union – Man Makes Peace With the Boy

    “The metaphor is that the culture courses through our veins,” says Ingrasciotta, speaking of the title of his one-man show, “Blood Type:Ragu,” which is at the beginning of a three-week run at Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany. Although specifically about Ingrasciotta’s life as the son of volatile Sicilian parents, the play appeals broadly to anyone raised in a strong ethnic tradition that at times conflicts with the homogenizing effect of American culture, the playwright says. “It’s about a family that just happens to be Italian,” says Ingrasciotta.  While tempers flare in the play, potent insults fly in Italian and melodrama peaks with a Sicilian widow trying to hurl herself into her husband’s grave at his funeral, Ingrasciotta says, “It’s not stereotype, it’s not goombah, it’s not mafia — it’s a story.”As such, he says, “Blood Type: Ragu” has found sympathetic audiences among people whose heritages are South American or Indian, Middle Eastern or Southeast Asian.  “Anyone who has tried to find their independence — they understand it,” says Ingrasciotta.  Read more…

  • Blood Type: RAGU Back Off-Broadway Nov. 18-20, 2011


    Back by popular demand, Blood Type: Ragu will be at Manhattan Theatre Source in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYC November 18-20.  After sold out performances in April, we were asked if we could bring the show back so that those people unable to get in during the Spring run could see the show.

  • Albany’s Capital Repertory Theatre Extends Blood Type: Ragu


    Capital Rep Theater in Albany, NY has announced changes in the season including extended runs of two shows that were originally part of the Capital Rep Play Festival, “Blood Type: Ragu” and “Kingdom of the Shore,” and additional weeks in the calendar for “A Christmas Story” and “Crowns.