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    Albany Times Union – Man Makes Peace With the Boy

  • May 27, 2011

    “The metaphor is that the culture courses through our veins,” says Ingrasciotta, speaking of the title of his one-man show, “Blood Type:Ragu,” which is at the beginning of a three-week run at Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany. Although specifically about Ingrasciotta’s life as the son of volatile Sicilian parents, the play appeals broadly to anyone raised in a strong ethnic tradition that at times conflicts with the homogenizing effect of American culture, the playwright says. “It’s about a family that just happens to be Italian,” says Ingrasciotta.  While tempers flare in the play, potent insults fly in Italian and melodrama peaks with a Sicilian widow trying to hurl herself into her husband’s grave at his funeral, Ingrasciotta says, “It’s not stereotype, it’s not goombah, it’s not mafia — it’s a story.”As such, he says, “Blood Type: Ragu” has found sympathetic audiences among people whose heritages are South American or Indian, Middle Eastern or Southeast Asian.  “Anyone who has tried to find their independence — they understand it,” says Ingrasciotta.  Read more…