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  • March 30, 2009 ~ Betty Duffy, Bronx NY

    Frank, I just got home to the Bronx after seeing your show for the second time. I have seen one man and one women shows before but yours is fabulous, I am the daughter of Irish immigrants and I was raised a strict Irish Catholic during the fifties. I could only compare my family to The Coneheads on SNL,we just did not blend with the rest of neighborhood.We were probably the only family I knew that would leave Santa a can of Reingold beer and a shot of Irish whiskey on Xmas Eve.I thought this was normal until I told a nun in school and she almost knocked my teeth out.Well anyway I have a lot of stories like yours but with many Irish accents.Please keep me informed of your next project or if you ever know anyone that needs help writing a similar Irish version.Thank-you again for sharing your GREAT TALENT. Your play was funny and at times struck a cord in me that only the children of Immigrants could identify with. Take care,Betty (with the black fedora) that you spoke to after the show