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    “Italian through and through”

  • March 26, 2009 ~ Loretta Mimmo

    Hi Frank! I saw your wonderful show last Sunday. I can’t tell you how
    much I enjoyed your performance. You touched my heart, you made me laugh
    and yes…you made me cry as well.

    Being Italian through and through (and my husband too!) can you even
    imagine how much of your show I could identify with? But the beauty of
    “Blood Type: Ragu” lies in it’s universality…you don’t have to be
    Italian to enjoy, understand and feel what you are saying here.

    I’m passing the word to everyone I know and hoping to have a “field
    trip” from Philadelphia and New Jersey with family and friends to see
    your show. Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful time…even the tears were
    good. 😉

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