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    “Memory Lane”

  • April 20, 2009 ~ Vincent Mariconda, Middle Village NYC

    I attended the 2:00 pm performance on March 29 with Barbara (Rehm) McCabe.
    What a pleasurable trip down memory lane in the company of a gifted and hard
    working guide! Basta, here’s my story.

    In 1968 I visited Ottati a small mountain village outside Salerno and
    birthplace of my maternal grandmother.
    Here were dusty streets, donkeys being led by hand, ancient bones in
    hillside caves outside of town, and modern furniture and appliances
    liberally sprinkled among dwellings with animals living at street level.
    One of my sharpest memories is of a 77 year old woman, dressed in black
    since her husband died 50 years before, who had never left the village but
    spoke animatedly with my uncle for hours about life among the people of
    this, her world.
    Another was a Sunday dinner of homemade pasta and sauce , the familiar taste
    of which instantly carried me to my mother\’s table on Sunday in Queens.
    Blood type ragu indeed!

    Buona fortuna e cent’anni to you, Frankinello.